Choosing a Photographer

If you choose Julie King to photograph for your wedding you are onto a winner!

Julie has been photographing weddings for well over 25 years and is a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Wedding photography has changed significantly from 25 years ago when photographers used medium-format film every shot counted, there was no room for errors. Then came 35-millimeter photography, a simpler format.
With improvements in technology and ease of camera use, along with a decrease in prices for cameras, more enthusiasts moved into the business.
“Digital came along, and everybody became a wedding photographer,”
“Is it easier? Yes, it is. But the experience of a wedding photographer — knowing what you’re doing, knowing the traditions, knowing the people — creates wedding photos that last over the years.”

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

1. Hire a professional. You have taken time, energy and money to select your spectacular dress, pick your fabulous flowers, a great venue, delicious food, fun entertainment, all the things to make it a day to remember for your friends and family. After it’s all over, all that’s left is your memories. Great photos that capture the entire day will be enjoyed for a lifetime. That’s priceless.
There may well be talented so-called photographers among your family and friends, and they will enjoy taking photos throughout your big day. However, you will be better served to have a professional photographer who is dedicated to wedding photography and catching every special moment of your wedding as it happens, letting your family and friends enjoy being guests!

2. Look at the photographs, more than just a few images on a website, look at complete weddings, start to finish. Every photographer is an artist in their own right. the results can vary widely. Your taste in photography needs to be a match with your photographer.

3. Like your photographer. Your wedding day will be filled with your closest friends and family. Your photographer will be an integral part of the day. It’s important to choose someone who will fit in. What personality would you like best? Fun, friendly, organised and serious?
Choose a photographer who is happy to capture what you like and not what they think you like.

4. Experience matters. It’s great when everything is going perfectly. Everything is on schedule, the lighting is perfect and the sun, moon, and stars are all aligned. Seriously, the moment you will be glad (and relieved) that you hired a real pro is when things are not going perfectly. A pro can get photos under pressure. A pro will anticipate and prepare, always having a plan A and B and on the odd occasion having a plan C!!!

5. Book Early. Good photographers will get asked for the same date over and over.

6. Get the best photographer your budget will allow. If you are comparing photographers based on price alone, you may not get the result that you would have hoped for. Remember, most of the items you spend money on for your wedding will be for that day only. After the cake is eaten and the guests are gone…. You will be so happy to re-live that day over and over with amazing wedding photography that will last forever. If you have to cut costs, don’t cut the one thing that is going to last the longest!

9. Sign a contract. A professional will want you to sign a contract. This is important. It protects you and spells out the details of the agreement between you and the photographer. It’s just one more way to relieve the stress that can be involved in wedding planning.

10. Choose a photographer that is fully insured, including professional indemnity and public liability insurance. We always hope that nothing goes wrong. But, what if it does? Is your photographer insured? At Julie King Photography, we carry complete insurance. Some venues will even require that your vendors be insured. Don’t find out when it’s too late, that your photographer is not covered.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. If you would like to meet Julie in person to discuss your wedding photography needs, please let us know, we have a studio in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, you would be made more than welcome!