Treat your NEWBORN BABY to a truly inspirational ♥ A valuable investment of memories that will last a lifetime! ♥
By choosing Julie King photography you have the safe knowledge that with Julie’s expertise you are onto a winner!

Capturing the beauty of your newborn within the first 14 days after birth is just magical!

Photo sessions are relaxed and the studio has everything you need to be comfy, parking right outside the studio just hop in and make yourself at home!

It is best to start a newborn session just after your baby has been fed, that way their tummies are full and they tend to be milk drunk.

Each baby is different and each baby might not like to be in certain positions.  Some newborn babies don’t like being on their tummy, some don’t like to have their clothes off (no matter how warm it is), some like to be wrapped really tight, some with their arms in and others with their arms out.  So the first 20 minutes of the shoot is normally figuring what your baby likes and doesn’t like.

Newborn babies have a startle reflex, which can affect the process of the newborn session.  Some babies will not sleep, no matter how hard we might try.  Other babies will sleep soundly the entire session.  Each session will be different and can take about an hour.  The session stops when you need to change a nappy, or have a feed or just if your baby needs a cuddle.

Not all poses work with every baby, so if your baby doesn’t like a position they are in it will let us know and then we move them to a position that they are comfortable in.  The safety of your newborn baby is paramount.

The Newborn Photoshoot £75

A variety of photographs will be taken during your photoshoot, props are welcome too!
Portrait shoot includes two 5”x 7″ photographs
Newborn sessions last approx. 1 hour on average.

The Baby Grand £275

4 portrait sessions, including two 7×5″ photographs from each shoot.

To cover Newborn, 4 months, 9 months and 12 months (stages are flexible but must be used within 2 years of booking).

Approx. 60 minutes is allowed for each Portrait sessions.

After your shoot…

Your pictures will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery within 3 – 10 days.

Prints are available priced from £15 and all high-resolution edited images are available for £350.