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Investing in professional photography shouldn’t be taken lightly, you will be pleased to know that Julie comes highly recommended as she is a Qualified full-time Member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Julie has loved being a full-time professional photographer for over 25 years and takes her job very seriously and not as a hobby.
Professional photography with a refreshing approach and a FEMININE TOUCH!

Julie King is a highly recommended professional photographer and a Qualified full-time Member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. With over 25 years of experience, Julie has established herself as a dedicated and talented photographer who approaches her craft with passion and professionalism.

What sets Julie apart is her refreshing approach and her ​distinctive feminine touch, which adds a unique perspective to her work. Whether capturing timeless portraits, documenting the emotions and joy of weddings, cherishing the delicate moments with newborns, creating impactful personal branding and headshots, covering commercial events, or showcasing the beauty of properties, Julie’s expertise covers a wide range of photography genres.

Based in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Julie operates from a spacious photographic studio equipped with a large infinity scoop. This setting provides a comfortable and controlled environment for capturing stunning images. However, Julie’s versatility extends beyond the studio. She is also available for on-location shoots anywhere across the UK or even worldwide, allowing clients to choose their preferred backdrop or setting.

Julie’s extensive experience and commitment to her profession make her an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to invest in professional photography. Her portfolio and client recommendations speak for themselves, showcasing her ability to capture moments with precision, artistry, and a touch of femininity.