Wedding Seasons

Choosing a wedding date will be one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make as a couple, it is said that summer is the real wedding season but in these modern times, many happy couples are choosing to tie the knot all year round.

Why confine yourself to only one season?
Especially when there are four stunning seasons to choose from.

Each of the wedding seasons has its own unique and individual identity. Having a wedding with colours and tones of the seasons is perfect; your colour theme should match the tone and overall atmosphere of your big day. Whether you are saying your vows in May or December, there is an excellent colour theme for you!
One of the greatest things about having a seasonal wedding is that you can express the colours of the season in your theme giving you a WOW to your wedding photographs.


For many couples, spring is the best time to get married. As spring is the symbol of new life, it seems that this is the perfect season to start a new chapter in your life. The flowers are in bloom, and there there is colour everywhere. The chance of dreaded rain on your wedding day is lessened too! One of the best things about spring is that all of the flowers are in bloom. This means that you have a great variety of choice when it comes to choosing flora. Choosing the perfect spring palette is easy too. Pastels are fabulous colours to have as part of the theme of your big day. Think sugary lilacs, sherbet lemons and pale blues. Your flowers will match perfectly.


Summer is the time to get creative with colour. The scorching heat of the summer months can be reflected in your chosen theme. Choosing warm reds, royal blue and citrus tones. Zesty limes, oranges and yellows do not look out of place in a summer wedding. What’s more, you can add bright, funky flowers to your day. Sunflowers look simply stunning when tied together with a pretty, chiffon bow. Bunting doesn’t go a miss for a an authentic depiction of the British summer time.


The air is getting cooler, but the sunshine can be kinder and less intense,the colours are changing in the wild outdoors too. You need not despair on what colours to incorporate into your big day. In fact, it’s fun to use autumnal colours in your wedding. Think earthy tones. Olive greens, deep burgundies and navy blues for a fitting tribute to the change in the seasons. Crunchy leaves should be your inspiration. Think of the ever-changing colours of the season and add to your big day with aplomb.


It goes without saying that winter is not the most popular time to get married. But imagine a wintry backdrop on your wedding photographs. This will look romantic and mysterious. With winter being the coldest season, it makes sense to integrate vivid white tones into your nuptials. Crisp blues and luscious deep reds have something of a Christmassy affair but will set the tone of your big day perfectly. Try adding some ferns and thistles to your bouquet for a truly, elegant wintry touch.